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How It Works

CartoChrome’s Overall Health Index was designed to help you find the best healthcare accessible areas. We created a unique algorithm that takes into account dozens of factors in four specific categories including the People Index, Provider Index, Hospital Index, and Travel Index of the community. Then, the Overall Health Index is calculated from 0 to 100 for every geographic location in the United States.

Overall Health Index

The Overall Health Index is the number to show a person how easy it is for a resident in that area to access healthcare. A score of 100 means that the area a resident in that area may have the easiest time finding health resources in the United States. Data sources include but are not limited to Google Places, Open Street Mapthe U.S. Census Bureauthe U.S. Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, and scientific journal papers.

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People Index

The People Index measures the resources residents have to pay for healthcare in their area. Areas with a high People Index may be more capable of paying for health resources in their areas. People with a low People Index may have some more hurdles in paying for health resources that other areas.

Provider Index

The Provider Index measures the available healthcare providers in the area. The Provider Index for each location is weighted based on the population density to not give bias to areas with more providers. A 100 in the Provider Index means that a typical resident may be close to more healthcare providers relative to other areas. A 0 in the Provider Index means that a typical resident in that area may have a low density of physicians given the population in that area.

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Hospital Index

The Hospital Index measures the hospital quality in or surrounding the area. Areas with a 100 means that the hospital is surrounded by more reputable hospitals, according to the government, relative to other areas.

Travel Index

The Travel Index measures the capability of a resident physically accessing these resources. A 100 in the Travel Index means that a resident in that area may have the easiest time to access health resources due to travel time, distance, vehicular capabilities, and more. A 0 in the Travel Index means that a resident in that area may have a more difficult time accessing health resources due to travel barriers relative to other areas.

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ZIP Code and City Rankings

To rank the ZIP Codes and cities, we calculate the Health Index using the centroid of each ZIP Code and city as well as using the latitude and longitude of healthcare facilities and infrastructures when needed. Each category reflects ratios between infrastructures available and the population to not give regions with high population densities an advantage.