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CartoChrome's Health Score

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The CartoChome Health Score was designed to help you find the most healthcare accessible places to live in the United States. Explore healthcare accessibility with CartoChrome's Health Score, diving into four key categories: People, Provider, Hospital, and Travel Scores. Analyzing more than 500 unique parameters, it provides a detailed view of healthcare in any geographical locale. Then, the Health Score is calculated from 0 to 100 for ZIP Code, city, or address. It's your comprehensive guide to understanding and navigating the healthcare landscape around you!

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Top ZIP Codes In The USA

Our Ratings

15625 image

Darragh, Pennsylvania

45033 image

Hooven, Ohio

94964 image

San Quentin, California

55111 image

Saint Paul, Minnesota

21082 image

Hydes, Maryland

45051 image

Mount Saint Joseph, Ohio

45174 image

Terrace Park, Ohio

46162 image

Needham, Indiana

52227 image

Ely, Iowa

46183 image

West Newton, Indiana

60141 image

Hines, Illinois

18932 image

Line Lexington, Pennsylvania

11547 image

Glenwood Landing, New York

64167 image

Kansas City, Missouri

94528 image

Diablo, California

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