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The Overall Health Score in 90201, Bell Gardens, California is 23 out of 100 when comparing 34,000 ZIP Codes in the United States.

78.16 percent of the population in 90201 drive to work alone. 5.58 percent of the people take some form of public transportation like the bus or the train to work. Approximately 43.82 percent of the residents get to work in less than 30 minutes. 15.13 percent of the residents in 90201 get to work in more than 60 minutes. The average household size is approximately 3.97 members with about 2.15 cars available per household.

An estimate of 82.33 percent of the residents in 90201 has some form of health insurance. 53.50 percent of the residents have some type of public health insurance like Medicare, Medicaid, Veterans Affairs (VA), or TRICARE. About 30.97 percent of the residents have private health insurance, either through their employer or direct purchase.

A resident in 90201 would have to travel an average of 2.78 miles to reach the nearest hospital with an emergency room, COMMUNITY HOSPITAL OF HUNTINGTON PARK . In a 20-mile radius, there are 15,982 healthcare providers accessible to residents in 90201, Bell Gardens, California.

Health Scores in 90201, Bell Gardens, California

Overall Health Score 23
People Score 5
Provider Score 83
Hospital Score 0
Travel Score 66


General Statistics

90201 Bell Gardens California
Population 96,605 96,605 39,454,173
Female median age 31.6 31.6 38.3
Male median age 30.0 30.0 36.5
Male:Female ratio 1.02 : 1 1.02 : 1 1.00 : 1
Married (15yrs & older) 41.72% 41.72% 39.16%

Racial Breakdown in 90201, Bell Gardens, California

(%) 90201 Bell Gardens California
White 3.7 3.7 35.8
Black 1.4 1.4 5.4
Hispanic or Latino origin 93.9 93.9 39.5
Asian 0.5 0.5 14.7
American Indian 0.1 0.1 0.3
Native Hawaiian 0.1 0.1 0.3
Mixed race 0.3 0.3 3.6
Other race 0.1 0.1 0.4

Median Income

(%) 90201 Bell Gardens California
Under $25,000 23.05 23.05 14.41
$25,000 to $49,999 27.42 27.42 16.05
$50,000 to $74,999 22.79 22.79 14.73
$75,000 to $99,999 12.79 12.79 12.27
$100,000 to $149,999 8.20 8.20 17.48
$150,000 to $199,999 3.39 3.39 9.94
$200,000 and More 2.35 2.35 15.11

As of , an estimate of 96,605 residents live in 90201 with a median age of 30.7 years. 28.67 percent of the population is under the age of 18, and 8.68 percent of the population is at least 65 years of age. 41.72 percent of the residents in 90201 is currently married, and 29.63 percent of the population has never been married.

The monthly median household income in 90201 is $4,163.75. The monthly median housing costs for residents in 90201 is approximately $1,377. The median household spends about 33.07 percent of their income on housing.

Monthly Housing Costs in 90201, Bell Gardens, California


17.76 percent of the residents have at least a Bachelor's Degree in Overall Health Score. 1.97 percent have Graduate or Professional Degree.

Our Review of 90201, Bell Gardens, California

When considering a move to a new area, access to quality healthcare is often at the top of the list of priorities for many families and individuals, especially those managing long-term illnesses or disabilities. Bell Gardens, California, with its ZIP Code 90201, is a community that has shown a commitment to providing healthcare amenities and services that serve the needs of its diverse population. In this blog post, we delve into the healthcare landscape of Bell Gardens, offering insights into how this could influence your decision if you're thinking about making this city your new home.

Bell Gardens is situated in Southeast Los Angeles County and has a rich history that dates back to the late 18th century when it was part of a large land grant. Over time, it evolved from agricultural land into the bustling residential community it is today. This transformation has included the development of healthcare resources designed to meet the evolving needs of residents.

Accessibility stands as a cornerstone of healthcare in Bell Gardens. The city's medical facilities have made strides in ensuring that people with disabilities can receive care without undue hardship. Many clinics and doctor's offices are equipped with wheelchair ramps, accessible examination rooms, and support for those with hearing or vision impairments. For individuals with special needs or mobility challenges, these accommodations are not just conveniences; they are necessities that dictate their ability to receive regular and emergency medical care.

Healthcare services within Bell Gardens cover a broad spectrum from primary care physicians to specialized medical practices. In addition, several dental offices, optometry clinics, and pharmacies ensure that residents can easily access essential health services without traveling far from home. For those with long-term illnesses requiring consistent treatment or monitoring, having these resources close at hand is invaluable.

Special mention should be made of unique local health initiatives that have been developed within Bell Gardens. Community health programs that focus on preventive care and wellness have become an integral part of the city's fabric. Health fairs, free screening events for blood pressure and diabetes, flu shot drives during peak seasons, and nutritional education workshops are examples of initiatives aimed at improving public health at the grassroots level.

For potential movers considering relocation to 90201 due to health-related reasons, it's crucial to understand how locals typically access healthcare here. Most residents utilize private automobiles for transportation to appointments and hospitals due to convenience and time efficiency. However, for non-drivers or those looking for more economical options, public transportation via buses serves as an alternative means to reach medical centers in neighboring communities such as Downey or Commerce where larger facilities like PIH Health Hospital - Downey can be found.

Additionally, ride-sharing services such as Uber and Lyft have become increasingly popular for trips to the doctor's office or hospital visits. These services offer door-to-door transportation which can be particularly helpful for appointments where driving afterwards might not be advisable (e.g., following certain medical procedures). For some residents who may find these options unaffordable or insufficient for their specific needs, local community organizations sometimes offer transportation assistance programs tailored towards seniors or individuals with disabilities.

The proximity of larger healthcare facilities outside Bell Gardens is also worth noting since specialized treatments might require visiting hospitals or medical centers in nearby cities like Los Angeles itself which is approximately 10 miles northwest of Bell Gardens. Fortunately for residents here who may require such services regularly or occasionally—the freeway system provides relatively direct routes making travel by car straightforward.

When evaluating healthcare amenities in any prospective neighborhood—especially one within Los Angeles County where distances between cities can be vast—it’s important to consider not only the availability of medical services but also the quality and range offered within reasonable proximity.

In terms of hospital access specifically within Bell Gardens' ZIP Code 90201 boundaries—there isn’t a major hospital; however essential health care offerings are available through various clinics like Family Health Care Centers which provide general practice consultations among other services. For more complex medical issues requiring hospitalization—residents typically look towards comprehensive medical facilities such as St Francis Medical Center located less than five miles away in Lynwood or Beverly Hospital approximately six miles northeast in Montebello.

The importance of healthcare access when relocating cannot be overstated—particularly if you’re someone living with chronic illness or disability that necessitates regular treatment or check-ups. The availability and variety of local primary care providers alongside specialty physicians—all play into making an informed decision about whether 90201 is right for you.

Bell Gardens' commitment to creating an inclusive environment extends beyond just physical structures—it’s reflected in how health education is promoted among residents regardless of age or background creating an atmosphere where well-being is part of everyday conversation rather than an afterthought.

For those contemplating a move to Bell Gardens—understanding how robustly this area caters to diverse health needs can provide peace-of-mind knowing that whether it's routine check-ups or unexpected emergencies—you'll find necessary support systems here within reach.

In essence—while navigating real estate options—it’s clear that considering healthcare accessibility should remain front-and-center alongside factors like affordability and location convenience because ultimately—the ability to live well depends heavily on being able to access good health care whenever it’s needed most.


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Health Scores in 90201, Bell Gardens, California