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The Overall Health Score in 92020, El Cajon, California is 46 out of 100 when comparing 34,000 ZIP Codes in the United States.

81.51 percent of the population in 92020 drive to work alone. 4.76 percent of the people take some form of public transportation like the bus or the train to work. Approximately 63.58 percent of the residents get to work in less than 30 minutes. 7.97 percent of the residents in 92020 get to work in more than 60 minutes. The average household size is approximately 2.94 members with about 2.01 cars available per household.

An estimate of 91.55 percent of the residents in 92020 has some form of health insurance. 44.20 percent of the residents have some type of public health insurance like Medicare, Medicaid, Veterans Affairs (VA), or TRICARE. About 56.88 percent of the residents have private health insurance, either through their employer or direct purchase.

A resident in 92020 would have to travel an average of 2.32 miles to reach the nearest hospital with an emergency room, GROSSMONT HOSPITAL . In a 20-mile radius, there are 10,368 healthcare providers accessible to residents in 92020, El Cajon, California.

Health Scores in 92020, El Cajon, California

Overall Health Score 46
People Score 3
Provider Score 89
Hospital Score 18
Travel Score 84


General Statistics

92020 El Cajon California
Population 60,222 176,922 39,454,173
Female median age 35.8 37.4 38.3
Male median age 34.3 35.0 36.5
Male:Female ratio 0.97 : 1 0.95 : 1 1.00 : 1
Married (15yrs & older) 37.71% 38.22% 39.16%

Racial Breakdown in 92020, El Cajon, California

(%) 92020 El Cajon California
White 59.2 60.2 35.8
Black 5.4 5.0 5.4
Hispanic or Latino origin 26.6 25.0 39.5
Asian 4.4 4.1 14.7
American Indian 0.1 0.1 0.3
Native Hawaiian 0.6 0.5 0.3
Mixed race 3.3 4.6 3.6
Other race 0.4 0.5 0.4

Median Income

(%) 92020 El Cajon California
Under $25,000 18.61 17.28 14.41
$25,000 to $49,999 21.04 18.64 16.05
$50,000 to $74,999 16.99 16.91 14.73
$75,000 to $99,999 12.22 13.21 12.27
$100,000 to $149,999 15.63 16.18 17.48
$150,000 to $199,999 6.86 7.69 9.94
$200,000 and More 8.65 10.07 15.11

As of , an estimate of 60,222 residents live in 92020 with a median age of 35.1 years. 24.74 percent of the population is under the age of 18, and 12.75 percent of the population is at least 65 years of age. 37.71 percent of the residents in 92020 is currently married, and 24.40 percent of the population has never been married.

The monthly median household income in 92020 is $6,032.75. The monthly median housing costs for residents in 92020 is approximately $1,627. The median household spends about 26.97 percent of their income on housing.

Monthly Housing Costs in 92020, El Cajon, California


37.54 percent of the residents have at least a Bachelor's Degree in Overall Health Score. 8.38 percent have Graduate or Professional Degree.

Our Review of 92020, El Cajon, California

El Cajon, California, a vibrant city located in San Diego County, is a place where the warmth of a tight-knit community meets the convenience of modern amenities. For those considering a move to this dynamic area, particularly with an eye on healthcare access, El Cajon offers an array of options that cater to diverse needs. The ZIP Code 92020 specifically encapsulates a portion of this city, where healthcare amenities are both a priority and a point of pride.

The region has long been inhabited by the Kumeyaay people and was later part of Spanish and then Mexican territories before becoming part of the United States. This rich history has contributed to El Cajon's diverse cultural tapestry and its commitment to serving all members of its community. Today, El Cajon is not only known for its historical landmarks but also for being proactive about the health and well-being of its residents.

In terms of healthcare facilities, El Cajon offers several hospitals and clinics that serve the 92020 community. Sharp Grossmont Hospital, the largest health care facility in East County San Diego, is just minutes away from El Cajon and provides comprehensive medical services including emergency care, maternity care, heart care, and cancer treatment. This hospital's reputation for quality care makes it a cornerstone for health services within the region.

Additionally, several specialized clinics contribute to El Cajon's healthcare landscape. These include family health centers that offer primary care services and are often equipped to handle a wide range of medical issues from routine checkups to managing chronic conditions. For those with specific health concerns or seeking alternative treatments, there are also chiropractic clinics, acupuncture centers, and holistic health practitioners available within the community.

El Cajon has taken significant steps to ensure that healthcare is accessible to all residents, including those with disabilities. Many medical facilities in the area are designed or renovated to be ADA-compliant, featuring amenities such as wheelchair ramps, handrails in restrooms, and accessible examination rooms. Moreover, local health initiatives often focus on inclusivity ensuring that individuals with disabilities receive comprehensive care tailored to their needs.

Transportation plays a critical role in accessing healthcare services. In El Cajon's 92020 ZIP Code area, residents have multiple options when it comes to getting around town for medical appointments or emergencies. Public transportation like buses runs through major corridors connecting neighborhoods with key healthcare facilities. For those who prefer personal transport or require more direct service due to mobility issues or time constraints, ride-sharing companies such as Uber and Lyft are readily available at just the tap of an app.

Furthermore, understanding that not everyone has access to digital platforms for ride-sharing or may face financial challenges in securing transportation; several community organizations offer assistance programs. These include subsidized fares for seniors and individuals with disabilities or free shuttle services provided by hospitals for patients undergoing treatments like chemotherapy or dialysis.

For potential movers who manage long-term illnesses or require regular medical attention, proximity to quality healthcare facilities can be a deciding factor in choosing where to live. Within the 92020 area code of El Cajon stands a variety of pharmacies from large chains offering convenient drive-thru service for prescription medications to smaller independent shops that provide personalized pharmaceutical care.

The community also demonstrates its commitment to health through local initiatives aimed at promoting wellness and prevention. Seasonal flu shot clinics, health fairs featuring screenings and educational resources on various medical conditions reflect this proactive approach towards maintaining public health.

One unique aspect of El Cajon’s approach towards wellness is its embrace of outdoor activities as part of a healthy lifestyle. With numerous parks such as Wells Park which offers walking trails amidst open green spaces; residents have ample opportunities for exercise which is an essential component of overall well-being.

For families considering relocation especially those who prioritize healthcare accessibility; knowing how locals typically access these vital services can be insightful. In El Cajon most residents have established relationships with primary care providers within their vicinity which serves as their first point contact for medical concerns.

These providers coordinate any necessary referrals whether it’s seeing a specialist at one of San Diego’s renowned medical centers or obtaining diagnostic tests at nearby labs. The presence of urgent care centers throughout the city further ensures timely treatment during non-emergency situations when same-day attention is needed without resorting to hospital emergency rooms.

El Cajon’s commitment extends beyond just providing facilities; it encompasses cultivating an environment where everyone can thrive regardless of their health status or physical ability level. The city’s dedication can be seen in initiatives such as fitness classes tailored towards older adults promoting active aging or support groups which provide emotional support alongside medical treatment for those dealing with chronic illnesses or recovery from surgery.

For anyone contemplating making El Cajon their new home understanding what life looks like here especially in terms accessibility quality healthcare could make all difference when it comes down making that big decision move here into 92020 ZIP Code area one finds not just convenient access but also compassionate community ready welcome new neighbors open arms into fold warm California sun ensuring every resident feels cared supported every step way along journey towards optimal health wellness


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Health Scores in 92020, El Cajon, California