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The Overall Health Score in 33063, Pompano Beach, Florida is 33 out of 100 when comparing 34,000 ZIP Codes in the United States.

84.38 percent of the population in 33063 drive to work alone. 2.89 percent of the people take some form of public transportation like the bus or the train to work. Approximately 53.79 percent of the residents get to work in less than 30 minutes. 6.61 percent of the residents in 33063 get to work in more than 60 minutes. The average household size is approximately 1.97 members with about 1.92 cars available per household.

An estimate of 86.27 percent of the residents in 33063 has some form of health insurance. 33.62 percent of the residents have some type of public health insurance like Medicare, Medicaid, Veterans Affairs (VA), or TRICARE. About 60.54 percent of the residents have private health insurance, either through their employer or direct purchase.

A resident in 33063 would have to travel an average of 0.85 miles to reach the nearest hospital with an emergency room, HCA FLORIDA NORTHWEST HOSPITAL . In a 20-mile radius, there are 4,411 healthcare providers accessible to residents in 33063, Pompano Beach, Florida.

Health Scores in 33063, Pompano Beach, Florida

Overall Health Score 33
People Score 8
Provider Score 79
Hospital Score 0
Travel Score 86


General Statistics

33063 Pompano Beach Florida
Population 54,907 476,583 21,339,762
Female median age 48.3 41.7 44.0
Male median age 45.9 39.7 41.8
Male:Female ratio 0.87 : 1 0.96 : 1 0.97 : 1
Married (15yrs & older) 34.77% 36.92% 37.05%

Racial Breakdown in 33063, Pompano Beach, Florida

(%) 33063 Pompano Beach Florida
White 38.3 40.3 52.6
Black 28.0 26.4 15.1
Hispanic or Latino origin 26.0 24.8 26.2
Asian 3.7 3.4 2.7
American Indian 0.0 0.1 0.1
Native Hawaiian 0.0 0.0 0.1
Mixed race 2.8 4.1 2.7
Other race 1.1 0.9 0.5

Median Income

(%) 33063 Pompano Beach Florida
Under $25,000 23.55 16.87 18.38
$25,000 to $49,999 23.91 20.97 22.35
$50,000 to $74,999 18.19 18.22 18.17
$75,000 to $99,999 12.84 12.61 12.82
$100,000 to $149,999 13.38 15.61 14.70
$150,000 to $199,999 4.96 7.31 6.29
$200,000 and More 3.16 8.41 7.30

As of , an estimate of 54,907 residents live in 33063 with a median age of 47.2 years. 14.55 percent of the population is under the age of 18, and 23.48 percent of the population is at least 65 years of age. 34.77 percent of the residents in 33063 is currently married, and 21.09 percent of the population has never been married.

The monthly median household income in 33063 is $5,908.67. The monthly median housing costs for residents in 33063 is approximately $1,259. The median household spends about 21.31 percent of their income on housing.

Monthly Housing Costs in 33063, Pompano Beach, Florida


38.05 percent of the residents have at least a Bachelor's Degree in Overall Health Score. 7.73 percent have Graduate or Professional Degree.

Our Review of 33063, Pompano Beach, Florida

When considering a move to a new community, access to quality healthcare is often at the top of the priority list for many individuals and families, especially those managing long-term illnesses or disabilities. Margate, Florida, with its ZIP Code 33063, is an area that has garnered attention for its residential appeal and healthcare amenities. This guide will delve into what potential movers can expect regarding healthcare access in Margate, including unique local health initiatives, community features, and the overall accessibility for people with disabilities.

Margate is a city located in Broward County, known for its warm climate and proximity to Fort Lauderdale's beaches. It was developed in the 1950s when much of Florida experienced a boom in population and construction. Since then, Margate has grown into a bustling suburban enclave that offers residents a mix of urban amenities and small-town charm. One of the significant advantages of living in Margate is its dedication to providing residents with comprehensive healthcare options.

The city is served by a variety of medical facilities ranging from hospitals to specialized clinics and urgent care centers. One of the key healthcare providers in the area is Northwest Medical Center, which offers a wide array of services including emergency care, heart and vascular care, maternity services, orthopedics, stroke treatment and more. The hospital has been serving the community for decades and continues to evolve by adding state-of-the-art technology and expanding its services to meet the needs of an aging population.

For those seeking routine medical care or specialist services, Margate has numerous physicians' offices that cover everything from pediatrics to geriatrics. The presence of these medical practices within the residential areas ensures that whether one needs a family doctor or a specialist consultation, services are readily available close to home.

In addition to traditional healthcare facilities, Margate stands out for its unique local health initiatives aimed at promoting wellness within the community. The city regularly hosts health fairs where residents can receive free screenings and learn about preventive health measures. There are also community fitness programs designed to encourage physical activity among all age groups.

Accessibility is at the forefront of healthcare provision in Margate. For individuals with disabilities or mobility issues, medical facilities in 33063 are equipped with necessary accommodations such as wheelchair ramps, accessible examination rooms, and assistive hearing systems. Moreover, local transportation services make navigating to appointments less stressful for those who may not drive. Broward County Transit provides bus routes that connect different parts of Margate with larger transportation hubs where one can find further connections or specialized transportation options.

For non-emergency situations where public transport isn't suitable or available, ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft can fill the gap; they offer another layer of convenience for those needing to get around quickly or who require door-to-door service due to mobility constraints.

When it comes to choosing a new place to live based on healthcare needs specifically related to long-term illnesses or disabilities, proximity to necessary medical facilities is crucial. In this regard, Margate's layout ensures that most residential areas are within reasonable driving distance from primary care providers as well as pharmacies—essential for regular prescription refills—and other ancillary services such as physical therapy clinics.

Navigating healthcare can be daunting anywhere, but locals typically establish their network by first selecting a primary care physician who then becomes their guide through any specialized medical needs they may have. This initial relationship often begins with an internet search or recommendations from neighbors upon moving into the area.

For families with children or elderly relatives considering moving into ZIP Code 33063 area code will be pleased by the presence of pediatricians and senior care facilities within their locale. These resources make it easier for caretakers to manage well-being without having lengthy commutes for check-ups or treatments.

Margate also actively promotes mental health through community counseling centers offering support across various mental health concerns—a vital aspect often overlooked when discussing overall healthcare access.

It's also worth noting that while Margate provides ample healthcare resources internally within 33063—ensuring you're never too far away from help—residents also benefit from being part of Broward County's larger healthcare ecosystem which includes some highly rated hospitals and specialty centers located just outside city limits but still easily accessible.

Potential movers should consider how they will manage their day-to-day health requirements when choosing their new home location in Margate; factors like convenience of appointments relative to work schedules or school pick-up times could play a significant role in quality-of-life considerations.

In summary, Margate's commitment to providing accessible and high-quality healthcare makes it an attractive destination for those prioritizing health when relocating—especially if managing specific health conditions requires ongoing oversight by medical professionals. With its range of facilities from hospitals with emergency rooms equipped with cutting-edge technology to small specialist practices that provide personalized care—the city ensures residents have what they need within arm's reach.

Furthermore, through ongoing community initiatives focused on overall well-being combined with thoughtful urban planning that considers accessibility for all residents regardless of physical ability—Margate demonstrates its dedication not just to treating illness but fostering healthful living throughout its neighborhoods.

Whether you're drawn by history-rich communities like Coral Gate or seeking modern developments closer to major roadways providing quick access throughout Broward County—moving into ZIP Code 33063 means joining a community where your health needs won't just be met; they'll be exceeded thanks in part due diligence placed on ensuring everyone can thrive here regardless of age or ability level.


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